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This is a list of all the pages contained in They are listed in the order by which they were written. 133 articles have been written.


Medieval Castles - Describes medieval castles, how people lived inside them, and a brief story of the most important ones.

Defending a Castle - How were castles defended? Who defended them? What was their objective? Find answers in this article.

Assaulting Medieval Castles - How were castles attacked? This article explains how long it took to besiege a castle and the different techniques used for that purpose.

Decline of Medieval Castles - Castles stopped being built at some point. Find out why here.

John of Paler - John of Paler is a tall tower that served as home to many serfs.

Carrickfergus Castle - Carrickfergus Castle is a Norman castle in Northern Ireland, situated in the town of Carrickfergus in County Antrim, on the shore of Belfast Lough. Besieged in turn by the Scots, Irish, English and French, the castle played an important military role until 1928 and remains one of the best preserved medieval structures in the whole of Ireland. It was useful as 3/4 of the perimeter is covered by water.

Castillo de Perla- Castle of Pearl - This castle is really big and played an important keyrole in a war. It contained protection for wealthy people while the war was happening


Medieval Portugal - The history of Portugal from the Roman establishment to the late Medieval Ages and its role in international affairs.

Medieval Cultures - The medieval cultures including the Holy Roman Empire, France, England, Scotland, Portugal, Spain and Venice.

Great Britain During the Middle Ages - Explains the area Medieval Britain encompassed and its culture, religion, economy and warfare during the Middle Ages.

The Vikings - Who were the Vikings? How did they affect European warfare? What were their customs like?

Important Viking Gods - The most important Viking gods and their attributes.

Italy During the Middle Ages - After the demise of the Roman Empire, Italy was far from vanquished. It became more powerful as time passed.

---English Castles

English Castles - Explains why English castles were built and has a long list of the most important English castles and their location.

The Tower of London - The history of the Tower of London from the first who built it to its use today.

Bodiam Castle - Bodiam castle was mostly symbolical. It was built during a very dangerous time in England: The Hundred Years War. An invasion never occurred, but this castle still proved to be an important place to hold troops.

Raby Castle - One of the most beautiful English castles.

Scarborough Castle, England - Scarborough Castle,England was a very large estate where Qeen or King ruled.

Bailey Castle - Very well built.Pics are amazing. Got this info from

Windsor Castle - It is a though it is a fairytale castle. With gorgeous towers it is as though you are in Cinderella's castle!

---French Castles

French Castles - French castles were very numerous. This article contains the most famous French castles, their location and more individual information.

Foix Castle - The Foix castle has been slowly repaired and it now serves as a museum. However, a thousand years ago it was one of the mightiest castles of the world.

Vincennes Castle - Formidable castle located in the Ile de France. One of the oldest and most impressing fortresses.

---German Castles

German Castles - German castles started to appear about a thousand years ago. They served many different purposes. This article contains a list of the most important German castles.

Wartburg Castle - Wartburg castle is most notorious for being where Martin Luther translated the New Testament into German. It has two towers and is located on top of a 600 feet tall hill.

Pfalzgrafenstein Castle - This castle resembled a ship and is situated in the middle of the Rhine river.

Schloss Lichtenstein - Schloss Lichtenstein is a castle in Unterhausen, Germany. It is around 200 years old. It is still in good shape. There is a small museum inside of it with rooms looking like they did 200 years ago

Coburg Castle - This is one of Germany's many castles. It is the most well preserved in Germany. Martin Luther lived in the castle during the Diet of Augsburg in 1530.


Medieval History - The Middle Ages lasted for a thousand years.

Medieval History - The full history of the Middle Ages with plenty of links. This is a quasi-complete stop for one's medieval studies. It takes the reader from the year 476 to the fall of Constantinople with an in-depth study of everything in between.

Medieval Glossary - Contains the definition of the most important and common medieval terms that are required to know in order to understand medieval history.

Medieval Frequently Asked Questions - The most common questions that have been asked to us in the past year. Find the answers and link to know more about the Middle Ages.


Medieval Mysteries - A list of the most common mysteries of the Middle Ages.

Interesting Medieval Events and More - List of medieval events and activities.

Italy 2010 Event - Italy 2010 is a group led by Daniel Costa to commemorate the fall of Rome to the Visigoths.

Medieval Videos - Clips of the Middle Ages - Contains several videos to help you understand the medieval period.


Medieval Literature - Information about literature during the Middle Ages.

Medieval Life - The Middle Ages were a period of great misery. This list of articles explains what was life like during the Dark Ages.

Medieval Life - Life was not like commonly portrayed in the movies. It was terrible for the majority of the medieval population. Plagues, famine, diseases, enemies and a lack of law and order were few of the causes.

Medieval Health - Health during the Middle Ages was a major concern - a quasi-disaster. This article contains information about common diseases, medieval doctors and more.

Law and Order of the Middle Ages - This article explains how law worked in the Middle Ages. Ordeals are also explained because they were vital to medieval law and order.

Medieval Food - The medieval world was a very hungry one. What one ate depended almost entirely on the social class. While the lord had access to meat, peasants could barely find bread for their tables.

Medieval Chivalry - Chivalry was the way of the knight and was widely used from the High Middle Ages onwards as a way of discipline and courtly love.

Famines of the Middle Ages - Famine was a constant threat during the Middle Ages. Population slowly declined despite the best efforts of the powerful nations such as England to improve nutrition.

Women During the Middle Ages - Information about women during the Middle Ages as well as a list of the most important women of the Medieval Times.

Feudalism - The description of Feudalism, it's causes and how it reached its inevitable decline beginning from the early Late Middle Ages.

Medieval Education - Information about how education was imparted from the fall of Rome to the end of the Middle Ages.

Medieval Clothing - Describes the clothes people used during the Middle Ages.


Medieval Times & Castles - Medieval Times and Castles

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Medieval Links - Links to other great, high-quality, medieval resources on the web.

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---Other Castles

Other Castles - Provides a big list of castles including Irish, Scottish, Portuguese and more.

Bothwell Castle - The Scottish castle of Bothwell played a keyrole in the Scottish war of independence. It is now open to the public.

Castel del Monte - The Castel del Monte or Castle of the Hill, located in Italy, is a great example of castle symmetry.

Caerdydd - Cardiff (Wales) - Motte and bailey castle converted to stone tower in the late 11th century by the grandson of King Henry I. Motte is approximately 40\' high. 12 sided tower constructed and was the place where the King\'s brother was imprisoned until his death.

Bedford Castle - Got this from

Castle - Large, but perfect size


Was the Lionheart a Poor Ruler? - This article explains once and for all the reign of Richard the Lionheart and its effect on England.

William the Conqueror - William the Conqueror is perhaps the most important figure of the Middle Ages. His rule marked the massive construction of castles in medieval Europe.

Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) Vlad Tepes - Vlad the Impaler, Vlad Tepes, Dracula... the son of Dracul. Who exactly is this mysterious character who has so frequently made it to the media? Learn if Dracula is real.

Medieval People - The most important characters of the Middle Ages.

Charles Martel Duke of the Franks - Charles Martel was very important during the Middle Ages. He successfully halted the Muslim invasion threatening to enter his kingdom and therefore saved Christianity.

Robin Hood - Robin Hood is a fictional character believed to have been Fulk FitzWarin. Read whether he existed and what happened to him.

Joan of Arc - The life of Joan of Arc, the French Heroine who rescued France during its darkest moments of the Hundreds Years War.

Alaric I - King Alaric - The biography or Alaric, the king of the Visigoths who sacked Rome and initiated the shift toward the Middle Ages.

---Spanish Castles

Spanish Castles - This article has a list of the most important Spanish castles. It also contains information about them and a general insight into why they were built.

Alcazar of Segovia - A very attractive castle that has been the residence of much of the Spanish royalty.

Alcazar of Toledo - The Alcazar of Toledo is one of Spain's greatest fortifications. It resisted two months against the Republicans during the Spanish Civil War and it now serves as a museum.

Castillo de Coca - Coca Castle - The history of one of the most beautiful Spanish castles. From Alonso, to Napoleon's successful assault of the Castillo de Coca.

The Alcazar of Almeria (Castle) - Alcazar located in Almeria, Spain.

Castillo de Penafiel - Old but very beautiful. It is a very nice place to vacation to.


Winter Story - The story of Jack and Ariella, medieval characters situated in a remote place.

Medieval Stories - A collection of the best medieval stories available online.

Hansel and Gretel - The medieval story of Hansel and Gretel.

---The Crusades

The Crusades - Provides a list of all the crusades as well as their benefits and disadvantages.

Introduction to the Crusades - A short introduction to the Crusades. Also contains links to the nine Crusades.

The First Crusade - The history, causes and effects of the First Crusade. The Crusaders, summoned by the Pope, marched toward the Holy Land in an attempt to recover it from the Muslims.

The Second Crusade - The Second Crusade was called by the Pope in 1145 to fight the Turks who had taken the County of Edessa the year before. They now threatened to enter deeper into the Crusaders States.

The Third Crusade - The Third Crusade (1198-1192) was the joint effort by Germany, France and England (among others) to re-capture the Holy Land lost to Saladin in 1187.

The Fourth Crusade - The Fourth Crusade was launched by the Pope with the intention to recover Jerusalem from the Egyptians who had conquered is shortly before the Third Crusade.

The Fifth Crusade - Another attempt to recover the Holy Lands form the Egyptians who now were united and a very powerful force present all over the Holy Land.

The Sixth Crusade - The Sixth Crusade was of tremendous importance to Europe. First, it successfully recaptured Jerusalem and several other settlements. Second, it showed the pope's diminishing power in international affairs. All the subsequent crusades were inspired on this one.

The Seventh Crusade - Information about the Seventh Crusade and how the Khwarezmians retook Jerusalem.

The Eighth Crusade - The Eighth Crusade was a partial success that culminated in Edward\'s arrival.

The Ninth Crusade - This article explains the series of events that occurred after Prince Edward arrived to Egypt.


The Street Sweeper's Daughter - This very cruel device was used to humiliate victims and even lead them to madness.

The Spanish Tickler - A terrible torture used to tear a victim's flesh apart. It was commonly used in Spain.

Medieval Torture - Medieval torture during the Middle Ages. Features information, links and pictures.

Judas Cradle - The Judas Cradle is a very painful torture. The victim was seated on a triangular-shaped seat where he or she was slowly impaled.

Coffin Torture - The coffin torture - a very cruel medieval device where the victim was locked for hours or longer.

The Brazen Bull - The brazen bull was a terrible torture device used in ancient Greece and throughout the Middle Ages.

Exposure - A terrible torture that was often deadly. The exposure was a method used all around medieval Europe. The sentence depended on the crime.

The Rack Torture - The rack is commonly referred as the most painful medieval torture of them all.

The Water Torture - There were many ways to punish a victim with the use of water. This article explains the most common forms of such torture.

The Chair of Torture - A striking instrument, the Chair was widely used throughout medieval Europe and beyond. It's origins are not clear, but the truth remains: This is one of the most painful and psychologically striking tortures ever devised by the human mind.

The Pear of Anguish - A very painful torture applied almost exclusively on witches, liars, blasphemers and homosexuals.

The Rat Torture - Rats were used for torture. They were free, available and painful if known how to use.

The Breast Ripper - A very cruel form of torture was the Breast Ripper. A variant, The Spider, was similarly painful and frequently fatal.

The Head Crusher - The head crusher was a psychologically striking instrument that was mainly used to extract confessions.

Saw Torture - The Saw was a humiliating and painful torture available everywhere.

The Virgin of Nuremberg (The Maiden) - The Maiden, also known as the Virgin of Nuremberg, was a torture device that consisted of a coffin with the face of a maiden full of spikes on every wall.

Garrotte Torture - The Garrotte was mostly used for executions and was very frequently used in Spain, hence its name.

Flagellation (Whipping) - Describes the act of flagellation or whipping. Its use was very common in Ancient Rome, but it was stil a favorite form of punishment during the Middle Ages.

Knee Splitter - Used for destroying body parts, the knee splitter was a terrifying torture device that could even bring death.

The Wheel Torture (Breaking Wheel) - The Wheel torture was a very painful form of capital punishment. Death could be prolonged to a day or more.

Foot Roasting - Foot roasting was used in the Middle Ages to extract confessions. The Templar Knights, among many other orders, were tortured with this same method.

Burning at the Stake - Being burned at the stake was a terrible way to die. It could take several hours for death to occur and the causes of death were diverse.

Thumbscrew Torture - A painful torture mostly used to extract confessions before moving to more painful torture methods.

The Heretics Fork - A painful torture used to restrain a victim. It was used throughout the Middle Ages, but it reached its peak during the Spanish Inquisition.

Flaying Torture - A very old and painful method that consists of "skinning" a person alive.

Lead Sprinkler - The lead sprinkler was used to torture victims by pouring molten metals in different parts of their body.

The Spanish Spider - A variant of the breast ripper, the Spanish Spider is an instrument capable of mutilating a woman's breasts.

Pillory Torture - A mild form of punishment, the pillory was frequently used in the medieval world.

Crocodile Shears - A torture method reserved for regicides.

Crocodile Tube - The crocodile tube was used to kill or extract confessions. It was one of the cruelest torture devices ever used on human beings.

The Brank - The Brank was used to humiliate women who "broke the public order" through gossip or other means.

Toe Wedging - A "light" torture method, used exclusively to extract confessions.

The Copper Boot - The victim's feet were secured into the copper boot where the torturer could choose one of several variants to torture or even kill the victim.

The Pendulum - Used to dislocate the victim's shoulders, the pendulum was not a lethal torture, but rather a psychological one used to extract confessions before permanently impairing the victim.

The Picquet - The picquet was used in the military to maintain discipline.

Denailing Torture - Denailing was used in many areas of Europe during the Middle Ages to extract confessions and cause incredible agonizing pain.


Medieval Warfare - List of articles related to medieval warfare, besieging castles and more.

Naval Warfare - Describes how naval warfare was used during the Middle Ages. It contains the history of cannons, and some common misconceptions of the epoch. Required reading in order to understand medieval warfare.

Medieval Gunpowder - Describes how gunpowder was gradually incorporated into European affairs.

The Viking Raids - The Viking raids seriously threatened northern Europe from the year 1066 to the XIth century.

The Knights Templar - The Knight Templar was a very important organization that helped the Christian pilgrims travel to the Holy Lands.

The Spanish Inquisition - The Spanish Inquisition lasted more than three hundred years and caused the death of thousands of people most of whom we'd consider innocent today.

Recruitment of Troops - Soldiers were recruited in many different ways. This article explains how an army was formed.We are sorry. The supplied URL does not exist.
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