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Bothwell Castle (Other Castles)

Bothwell Castle is situated in the southeast of Glasgow and was built by Walter of Moray in 1242. Despite great efforts, the castle was never really finished, but it was still mostly unassailable as it took William Wallace 14 months to take it from the English.

Bothwell played a keyrole in Scotland's fight for independence, changing hands several times. It consists of a large, round keep with a ditch surrounding the 60 feet-high wall, making it one of the tallest castles in Scotland.

It took an army of 68000 men and heavy siege engines for the English to take the castle back from the Scottish. This castle was abandoned for a long period of time until the Late Middle Ages when an effort to restore it was carried out.

After countless legal battles to decide the castle's ownership, it was finally handed to the Earls of Home. In 1935, the Earl gave Bothwell to the state and it is now open to the public.

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