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Spanish Castles

Spain is one of the countries with the most formidable castles in the world. They were built for several reasons, but the main reason was to stop the Arabs, who invaded Spain in the year 711, from advancing North. The Spanish built so many castles in that area that it became known as "Castilla".

When the Spanish began to reconquer the Iberian Peninsula by marching South, they built additional strongholds to prevent the Arabs from reclaim any territory. Castles were not only a militar way to mark Spain's territories, but a symbolical one as well.

At one point more than 10,000 Spanish castles were recorded, today no more than 2,000 exist. One thing is certain, these castles demonstrate the bloody period that occurred during the Middle Ages in what is now Spain. Following is a list of the most famous Spanish castles.

Alcazar of Segovia - A very attractive castle that has been the residence of much of the Spanish royalty.

Alcazar of Toledo - The Alcazar of Toledo is one of Spain's greatest fortifications. It resisted two months against the Republicans during the Spanish Civil War and it now serves as a museum.

Castillo de Coca - Coca Castle - The history of one of the most beautiful Spanish castles. From Alonso, to Napoleon's successful assault of the Castillo de Coca.

The Alcazar of Almeria (Castle) - Alcazar located in Almeria, Spain.

Castillo de Penafiel - Old but very beautiful. It is a very nice place to vacation to.

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