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Winter Story (Stories)

By Joaquin de la Sierra Anaya

Nagka was a small and peaceful village surrounded by mountains. All its residents knew each other well. However, it had a problem: the weather. When it wasn't snowing it was either raining or very foggy. Sunny days were unknown to its citizens... only occasionally did travelers rumor about a distant country filled with rivers, flowers and enough food to live happy forever.

Jack was an adventurer. He knew Nagka well and had explored the mountains and all its surrounding landscape. He wanted more. His father forced him to become a painter and honor the family tradition; Jack the Painter is how they called him. Every sunset, he ventured into the unknown to paint mountains, lakes and trees. During the day, he worked in the library as a writer. Nagka was so isolated that almost everything was produced there as well. Jack wrote poems; every kind of poem imaginable.

In one of his journeys, Jack found a marvelous spot to paint a waterfall he had never seen before. It was so relaxing that he fell asleep. He woke up a few hours later and saw a monstrous creature. He wanted to paint it, but he was too scared. Eventually the monster fell asleep and Jack made a very accurate and beautiful painting of the creature. He hung the painting in the library where it was instantly loved: everyone wanted to see it.

Amidst the turmoil walked a young and beautiful lady whom Jack had never seen before. He didn't believe in love at first sight, but now he did. She saw the painting and was intrigued. However, with the rest of the crowd, she vanished as quickly as she came.

A week later, Jack was writing when the beautiful young lady approached him. She wanted to read something and maybe Jack could help her choose. He read her some of his poems and she loved them. Her name was Ariella. Soon, they were seen taking long walks in the village. Ariella told him wonderful stories about her hometown: a warm and distant place. He was fascinated because he didn't understand how such a place could exist.

Jack wrote Ariella dozens of poems. They explored the village together and Jack took her to places that nobody else had seen before. Ariella loved the cold weather because it was different for her. Jack wanted something warmer… maybe a place where he could swim everyday and enjoy the heat without worrying to stay out too late, because in Nagka being lost in a cold night meant death.

One day, Jack took Ariella to the place where he found the creature. It was really beautiful. They had a very deep conversation, one that occurs once or twice in a lifetime. He promised Ariella that if anything happened, he'd look for her even if that meant going to the last corner of Hell.

In the interim, Jack's father was furious. How could his son, who had demonstrated excellent abilities to paint and write, spend his time with a foreigner? This had to stop. Jack was sent away, even though he didn't want to. Then Jack's father, along with Nagka's rich citizens who wanted to read more poems and see more paintings, ordered Ariella to leave, demanding that Nagka was for Nagkans and no foreigners were allowed.

Jack came back at night, almost freezing, because this year's winter was the worst in recorded history. The different atmosphere and coldness from his father told him something was wrong, but he went to bed out of exhaustion. His younger brother woke him up early the next day and told him what happened. Jack looked everywhere for Ariella and confirmed what he feared all along: she left.

Just as he was leaving to continue the search elsewhere, and old lady approached and handed him a letter. It contained a few words: "Meet me in that place." He knew exactly where to go. It was getting late, but he kept running, fearing the worst... she had spent the night there after all. What he witnessed next can only be described with one word: shock.

Ariella was sleeping between two of the creatures. They saved her life. Jack ran to her, in tears, expressing his affection. They hugged for a long time until Reality reminded him of the situation. He was a few hours away from home and spending another night there meant death. During the long walk back, Ariella reminded him of her home. They agreed to go the day after.

Jack's father was worried because it was dark and Jack wasn't home yet. Maybe he shouldn't have done what he did? No, Jack will be back. He spent the whole night thinking about the worst. Then a week. Every day he hoped for Jack's return, his faith diminishing with every passing hour. Until the unavoidable news arrived: A hunter found a couple holding hands, frozen to death, with a barely-noticeable smile of love.

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