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Alcazar of Toledo (Spanish Castles)

The Alcazar of Toledo was first used as a Roman palace in the 3rd century, but it was later strengthened by Alfonzo VI, and finished by Alfonzo X. The Alcazar's most famous siege occurred during the Spanish Civil War when the Nationalists held the Alcazar against the Republicans.

The Alcazar of Toledo is situated in Toledo's highest point, making it a perfect place to resist. The Alcazar's history is long and bloody. It changed hands several times, treason, murder and sieges occurred and it all culminated with its last siege in 1936. Despite the Republican's artillery, the Nationalists were able to hold their ground for two months.

The Alcazar of Toledo has been repaired since the Civil War and it's now a museum. One finds incredible that the Alcazar was nearly in ruins seventy years ago.

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