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Medieval Life

What was life like during the Dark Ages? The Dark Ages were a period of great misery for some and great happiness for others. Read the following articles to have a basic understanding of the time:

Medieval Health - Health during the Middle Ages was a major concern - a quasi-disaster. This article contains information about common diseases, medieval doctors and more.

Medieval Life - Life was not like commonly portrayed in the movies. It was terrible for the majority of the medieval population. Plagues, famine, diseases, enemies and a lack of law and order were few of the causes.

Law and Order of the Middle Ages - This article explains how law worked in the Middle Ages. Ordeals are also explained because they were vital to medieval law and order.

Medieval Food - The medieval world was a very hungry one. What one ate depended almost entirely on the social class. While the lord had access to meat, peasants could barely find bread for their tables.

Medieval Chivalry - Chivalry was the way of the knight and was widely used from the High Middle Ages onwards as a way of discipline and courtly love.

Famines of the Middle Ages - Famine was a constant threat during the Middle Ages. Population slowly declined despite the best efforts of the powerful nations such as England to improve nutrition.

Women During the Middle Ages - Information about women during the Middle Ages as well as a list of the most important women of the Medieval Times.

Feudalism - The description of Feudalism, it's causes and how it reached its inevitable decline beginning from the early Late Middle Ages.

Medieval Literature - Information about literature during the Middle Ages.

Medieval Education - Information about how education was imparted from the fall of Rome to the end of the Middle Ages.

Medieval Clothing - Describes the clothes people used during the Middle Ages.
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