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Robin Hood (People)

Robin Hood is believed to have been Fulk FitzWarin, a Norman noble who became an outlaw. His most famous enemy was John of England, but so was most of the local authority as he stole from the rich for a living. His accomplishments were passed from generation to generation, in some stories he's an archer who fought in the crusades and when he returned home his lands were taken by the Sheriff of Nottingham. In another account, he was a Norman rebel who defied the English king and was a blood-thirsty killer of royal blood.

More recently, he has been associated with "stealing from the rich and giving to the poor". It is not clear when this story was first created, but there is no proof that the actual person, Fulk FitzWarin, ever did so. In fact, even though the similarities between Robin Hood and Fulk FitzWarin are remarkable, there is no real proof that proves their identity.

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