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Medieval Warfare

Warfare was enormously important during the Middle Ages. During the Early Medieval Times, war was fought on the field with horses and soldiers. As castles appeared, besieging a castle was much more common. During the Late Middle Ages siege was, according to historians, a hundred times more frequent than open battles. You will find plenty of information for your medieval warfare study within the following articles:

The Crusades - The crusades were the church's attempt to recover the Holy Land. However, the church had other interests to launch a crusade against Jerusalem. There were many crusades and only a few of them were successful. Most ended in a much longer conflict between the Middle East and Europe. However, there were many benefits to the Crusades such as Middle Eastern knowledge of medicine, architecture, among others.

Naval Warfare - Describes how naval warfare was used during the Middle Ages. It contains the history of cannons, and some common misconceptions of the epoch. Required reading in order to understand medieval warfare.

Medieval Gunpowder - Describes how gunpowder was gradually incorporated into European affairs.

The Viking Raids - The Viking raids seriously threatened northern Europe from the year 1066 to the XIth century.

The Knights Templar - The Knight Templar was a very important organization that helped the Christian pilgrims travel to the Holy Lands.

The Spanish Inquisition - The Spanish Inquisition lasted more than three hundred years and caused the death of thousands of people most of whom we'd consider innocent today.

Recruitment of Troops - Soldiers were recruited in many different ways. This article explains how an army was formed.
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