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Medieval Mysteries (Interesting)

The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar.

Shortly after the Knights Templar failure in the Crusades, the French King Philip IV of France pressured the pope to disband the order. Philip IV personally commanded the torture of the most important members of the order in the XIV century. Foot roasting, The Rack and other methods were employed. Nobody knows the reason behind Philip's cruel behavior, but many believe he was after the treasure the order found in Jerusalem.

Apparently, nobody has ever found it. Many myths about its location have appeared since the XIV century, when it was first looked for. One likely location is Oak Island, near the coast of Nova Scotia. Other locations include: somewhere in Southern France, Germany or even Scotland. In reality, if the treasure does exist it could be anywhere and there's no real guarantee that it hasn't been found yet.

The Treasure of Alaric

Alaric I, king of the Visigoths, is famous for sacking Rome just before the Middle Ages. Upon his death, the treasure - literally all the gold of Rome - disappeared. Later it was known that he ordered it hidden somewhere between Northern Italy and Southern France. The treasure is estimated to be worth several billion dollars today. A very interesting book is The Lost Gold of Rome.

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