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The Copper Boot (Torture)

The copper boot could be used in several different ways. First, the torturer placed the victim's feet inside the boot and secured them with chains inside the device. Depending on the crime, the victim could be tortured in many different ways:

Boiling Water Although it was more common for victims to be Boiled Alive with the cauldron, torturers could fill the boot with water and place some fire underneath, slowly burning the victim's feet until the victim passed out, died, or confessed.

Molten Metals Although the boot would become unusable for later victims, filling it with molten copper, lead or silver was a common practice as it would produce third degree burns and even cause intoxication.

Beat it Another way to prolong pain was by repeatedly beating the boot with a hammer. Although the legs would not suffer lethal damage, the pain this incurred often made the victim pass out.

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