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The Eighth Crusade (The Crusades)

The Eighth Crusade was launched in 1270 by King Louis IX of France. This crusade was called just 16 years after the Seventh Crusade. The Mamluks were now very powerful in the Middle East and were conquering the little territory left of the crusaders. Louis was persuaded by his brother, Charles of Anjou, to attack Tunis first in order to command the ports and make the conquest of Egypt, Louis' goal, easier. However, upon landing in Africa in 1270 much of the army became sick due to the water. Louis himself died on August 25, leaving Charles in full command of the army. Louis' last word was "Jerusalem".

The Eighth Crusade could be considered a partial success because Charles managed to receive trade rights with Tunis, even though diseases in the army prevented the city's assault. Charles allied with Prince Edward of England, who arrived in the interim. Even tough Charles didn't actively participate, Edward continued onto the Ninth Crusade.

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