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Medieval Portugal (Cultures)

Portugal was first occupied by the Romans and later by the Moors.

The latter occupied the Iberian Peninsula in its entirety from 711 to the 11th century when the ruler of the Kingdom of Leon and Castilla, Ferdinand, conquered much of today's Portugal killing thousands of Moors in the process. It took an additional two hundred years before the remaining Moors were expelled and the borders fixed. However, it wasn't until 1143 when Portugal was first recognized as an independent entity under King Alfonzo Henriques. It was officially recognized by Pope Alexander III a mere 36 years later in 1179.

In 1255, the capital of Portugal shifted to Lisbon.

In 1373, Portugal made an alliance with Britain which is believed to be the longest alliance ever which still remains today. This, along with few real threats to their national security, allowed them to undergo the Age of Discovery in which they eventually annexed Brazil, parts of North Africa, the islands of Madeira and Azores, etc.


Since the 2nd millennium BC, important constructions have been built in the are of today's Portugal. With the arrival of the Romans, Portuguese architecture developed significantly.

The Moors, who arrived in 711, built many temples and numerous fortifications.


Many call Portugal "the country of poets". Prose first appeared in the 14th century when the Portuguese began to ascend economically, military and politically into European affairs.

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