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Alaric I - King Alaric (People)

Alaric literally means "the king of all". Born in 370, Alaric is best-known for sacking the city of Rome and initiating the shift toward the beginning of the Middle Ages.

Alaric had full knowledge of the Roman customs as he served under the Roman Empire as the head of Foederati, where he learned the strengths and weaknesses of the Romans.

When he besieged the Romans, he counted on hunger as his main weapon. The hungry Romans finally succumbed to his huge army, consisting of more than 30,000 men and paid an enormous ransom of 5,000 pounds of gold, much silver and other goods.

Alaric died shortly thereafter leaving a treasure surrounded by mystery. A book has been written on the topic which I wholeheartedly recommend: The Lost Golf of Rome, written by Daniel Costa.

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