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Medieval Clothing (Life)

In the Early Middle Ages, clothing varied greatly based mostly on the social standing of the people. While a knight adorned himself with surcoats covered with a coat of arms and had full body protection, peasants were lucky to have worn out wool or linen clothing. Sometimes the nobility gave away their used clothes to the poor.

Women wore different clothes depending on their own marital status. Single women of the nobility wore loose clothes to attract more attention, while married women often used tight-fitting caps and even nets over their hair.

Clothing also varied from region to region. The Vikings used heavier clothes for protection against the cold. In Europe, most clothes were made by wool or linen.

Soldiers used heavier clothes for protection. Since many warriors often wore armor, clothes were vital to reduce injuries caused by the armor itself. Leather was vital, as it also offered protection against enemy blows.

As for children, they often used whatever left-overs their parents could find. This wasn't the case for nobility, who had plenty of clothes for all of their family members.

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