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Medieval Torture

During the Middle Ages, torture was a very common way to punish offenders. Following are the most common torture devices used during the Middle Ages. Viewer discretion is advised.

Introduction - Read the introduction to medieval torture before heading to the torture instruments.

Judas Cradle - The Judas Cradle is a very painful torture. The victim was seated on a triangular-shaped seat where he or she was slowly impaled.

Coffin Torture - The coffin torture - a very cruel medieval device where the victim was locked for hours or longer.

The Brazen Bull - The brazen bull was a terrible torture device used in ancient Greece and throughout the Middle Ages.

The Rack Torture - The rack is commonly referred as the most painful medieval torture of them all.

The Water Torture - There were many ways to punish a victim with the use of water. This article explains the most common forms of such torture.

Exposure - A terrible torture that was often deadly. The exposure was a method used all around medieval Europe. The sentence depended on the crime.

The Chair of Torture - A striking instrument, the Chair was widely used throughout medieval Europe and beyond. It's origins are not clear, but the truth remains: This is one of the most painful and psychologically striking tortures ever devised by the human mind.

The Pear of Anguish - A very painful torture applied almost exclusively on witches, liars, blasphemers and homosexuals.

The Rat Torture - Rats were used for torture. They were free, available and painful if known how to use.

The Breast Ripper - A very cruel form of torture was the Breast Ripper. A variant, The Spider, was similarly painful and frequently fatal.

The Head Crusher - The head crusher was a psychologically striking instrument that was mainly used to extract confessions.

Saw Torture - The Saw was a humiliating and painful torture available everywhere.

The Virgin of Nuremberg (The Maiden) - The Maiden, also known as the Virgin of Nuremberg, was a torture device that consisted of a coffin with the face of a maiden full of spikes on every wall.

The Spanish Tickler - A terrible torture used to tear a victim's flesh apart. It was commonly used in Spain.

Garrotte Torture - The Garrotte was mostly used for executions and was very frequently used in Spain, hence its name.

Flagellation (Whipping) - Describes the act of flagellation or whipping. Its use was very common in Ancient Rome, but it was stil a favorite form of punishment during the Middle Ages.

The Wheel Torture (Breaking Wheel) - The Wheel torture was a very painful form of capital punishment. Death could be prolonged to a day or more.

Foot Roasting - Foot roasting was used in the Middle Ages to extract confessions. The Templar Knights, among many other orders, were tortured with this same method.

Burning at the Stake - Being burned at the stake was a terrible way to die. It could take several hours for death to occur and the causes of death were diverse.

Thumbscrew Torture - A painful torture mostly used to extract confessions before moving to more painful torture methods.

The Heretics Fork - A painful torture used to restrain a victim. It was used throughout the Middle Ages, but it reached its peak during the Spanish Inquisition.

Flaying Torture - A very old and painful method that consists of "skinning" a person alive.

Lead Sprinkler - The lead sprinkler was used to torture victims by pouring molten metals in different parts of their body.

Knee Splitter - Used for destroying body parts, the knee splitter was a terrifying torture device that could even bring death.

The Spanish Spider - A variant of the breast ripper, the Spanish Spider is an instrument capable of mutilating a woman's breasts.

Pillory Torture - A mild form of punishment, the pillory was frequently used in the medieval world.

Crocodile Tube - The crocodile tube was used to kill or extract confessions. It was one of the cruelest torture devices ever used on human beings.

The Brank - The Brank was used to humiliate women who "broke the public order" through gossip or other means.

Crocodile Shears - A torture method reserved for regicides.

Toe Wedging - A "light" torture method, used exclusively to extract confessions.

The Copper Boot - The victim's feet were secured into the copper boot where the torturer could choose one of several variants to torture or even kill the victim.

The Pendulum - Used to dislocate the victim's shoulders, the pendulum was not a lethal torture, but rather a psychological one used to extract confessions before permanently impairing the victim.

The Street Sweeper's Daughter - This very cruel device was used to humiliate victims and even lead them to madness.

The Picquet - The picquet was used in the military to maintain discipline.

Denailing Torture - Denailing was used in many areas of Europe during the Middle Ages to extract confessions and cause incredible agonizing pain.
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