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Other Castles

Besides the most famous English, German, Spanish and French castles, almost every other European, Middle Eastern and North African nation built castles of some sort. These were often fortifications that were strengthened so much to be considered as castles. For example, the Portuguese built many castles in their frontier to stop any possible Spanish conquista. So did the Scottish to protect themselves against the English. All in all, medieval history is filled with the construction of many castles. Following is a list of the most famous castles not contained in any other category.

Bothwell Castle - The Scottish castle of Bothwell played a keyrole in the Scottish war of independence. It is now open to the public.

Castel del Monte - The Castel del Monte or Castle of the Hill, located in Italy, is a great example of castle symmetry.

Caerdydd - Cardiff (Wales) - Motte and bailey castle converted to stone tower in the late 11th century by the grandson of King Henry I. Motte is approximately 40\' high. 12 sided tower constructed and was the place where the King\'s brother was imprisoned until his death.

Bedford Castle - Got this from

Castle - Large, but perfect size

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