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Charles Martel Duke of the Franks (People)

Charles Martel or Charles the Hammer (23 August 686 - 22 October 741)

One of the most important figures of the Middle Ages, Charles Martel is mostly remembered for his great victory at Tours in 732. With it, he successfully stopped the Muslim invasion that was threatening Central Europe and that had previously conquered Iberia.

Proclaimed by the Pope as the savior of Christendom, Martel was considered the most important figure of his time. He was the duke of the Franks and had absolute power over the Frankish Realms.

He is considered by many as the forefather of medieval chivalry, heavy cavalry, founder of the Carolingian Empire, and an important innovator to Feudalism.

Being born in Herstal, present-day Belgium, he was a tall and well-built general who expanded his rule over the three main Frankish kingdoms, successfully uniting them. He was able to make a large army, larger and better than any seen since the Romans. His success consisted on the heavy cavalry that he himself introduced and on the great discipline of his soldiers. Using a Greek-style phalanx, he was able to decimate the Muslims even though they were superior in numbers.

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