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The Knights Templar (Warfare)

The Knights Templar existed for approximately two centuries during the Middle Ages. They were formed shortly after the Crusader acquisition of Jerusalem in 1099. The organization was created because the Christian pilgrims who wanted to visit the Holy Land were often attacked by the Muslims, who wouldn't allow anyone into their territory. Even though the order started with just six members, it rapidly received new European recruits making it, within a decade, one of the most important military powers of the Holy Land against the Muslims.

A few years after the capture of Jerusalem, the Knights Templar was given the Temple of Solomon as its official headquarters. It is believed that the Holy Grail was kept in there, creating many myths and legends around the organization.

The Knights Templar often worked with the Hospitaller Knights and the main military against threats in the Holy Land. At first, they were very successful winning very important battles against leaders such as Saladin. The Knights Templar played a crucial role in many such battles. However, the tide slowly turned against them when the Muslims were unified under Saladin and other good leaders. Jerusalem was lost in 1187.

Shortly afterward, the organization stopped receiving the donations that they so highly depended on. It all culminated when King Philip IV of France pressured the Pope to disband the Knights Templar. King Philip IV had many knights arrested, tortured and burned on the stake personally. The Pope eventually agreed to Philip's demands, but he spared most of the knights.

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